Your Voice

Thomas & LoCicero is a Florida-based law firm built on a commitment to free speech, a free press, and the success of our clients. Unlike some firms, we don’t try to be all things to all people. Instead, with the focus and client-based attention of a boutique firm, we litigate business disputes, protect intellectual property, and provide advice and expertise on data privacy and security. Plus, we run the most highly respected media law practice in the southeastern United States. Every day, in court and out, we strive to give voice to your story.

Your Brand

From registering trademarks to vetting investigative news stories, from overseeing promotional sweepstakes to providing the highest quality appellate representation, TLo works to enhance your company’s brand. In the market place, in business negotiations, and in court, it’s critical that your company be at its best. Our experience and know-how help to make that happen.

Your Law Firm

Our nickname, TLo, tells you much about who we are – brand-conscious, informal, and direct. Our clients, who are leaders and innovators in their fields, tell you even more. They expect their attorneys to be leaders and innovators as well, and that is who we are. Contact TLo to support your voice, to enhance your brand, to be your law firm.